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Anika Smulovitz Lips Untitled glitter
lips (g)
20" x 30"

Lips are an essential part of how we communicate. They are expressive signifiers in their ability to smile and frown. They help us to form words and sounds. Lips also surround the most visible orifices on our body, creating a sensual transition from our exteriors to our interiors. Human lips are fascinating in their agility, flexibility, sensuality, and strength.

My background as a jeweler has led me to explore lips in the context of the interrelationship between the body, adornment, and issues of intimacy. These pieces are photographs, small interactive sculptures, installations, brooches, and a new form of adornment. The line that is created where the lips meet when a person’s mouth is in a relaxed pose is almost as unique and individual as a fingerprint. I want to accentuate this distinctive and compelling part of the body, bringing attention to the lips without interference or constraint. Lip Liners are custom-made lip adornment which rest comfortably in the mouth. The wearer can speak and perform all normal tasks, except eat. This innovative form of adornment creates a distinct sensual experience for the wearer. When multiple Lip Liners are installed on the wall in a gallery setting a minimal and provocative line drawing in space that references the body is created.