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Smulovitz, art jewelry, charcoal, collaboration, Kirsten Furlong
Meditations on Hope (1); beads after being worked with
charcoal, steel, patinated copper, 18k gold, sterling silver

Collaboration with artist Kirsten Furlong.

Creating work during the COVID19 Pandemic has been scattered with so many new demands on our time with work and family.
Inspired by Suzanne Ramljak's call for contemporary worry beads, I carved time out to create a chain of charcoal meditation beads that was then passed on to friend and artist, Kirsten Furlong, to interact with.

The thirteen charcoal meditation beads are held together with steel wire and hold a tassel of five patinated copper dandelion leaves. Inside the charcoal beads are gold dandelion seeds that only reveal their existence after the charcoal has been used. While physical distancing is necessary to navigating our current reality, collaboration to move forward with hope feels just as necessary. Through meditation and collaboration, seeds of hope can be found.

Kirsten worked with the beads, creating several abstract drawings and a detailed drawing of dandelions (12" diameter, charcoal on paper).

The beads will be passed on to other artists to work with - building stronger community connections during these challenging times. I hope to create more meditation bead strands to give to other communities of artists to interact with.

Kirsten Furlong: kirstenfurlong.com