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Hand Medal Project, Hand Makers, Gratitude for Frontline Healthcare Workers
Hand Medals from Boise State University Student and Alumni Hand Makers
sterling silver, copper, brass, ribbon, safety pins

Dear Healthcare Workers,

While you are new to this endeavor, you have been present all along. You are a crucial part, the reason for all this to happen.

In march 2020 jewelers from all over the world –a total of 63 countries with over 3000 individual makers–s sat down at their benches and began to do what we can do best. They made these medals with their hands to honor you and your hands.

These medals are based on a special kind of offering called an exvoto, an offering to fulfill a vow. This is a continuation of a long tradition of giving a token of gratitude after a promise is fulfilled or a service given.

Your care goes beyond what we can do
You put your life at risk
Your worked incredibly long hours
Your work impacted your loved ones
You gave your hands to those in desperate need Your work touched us in so many ways

There will never be enough medals or words to say thank you.

We are aware that your days are full and you are tired, but we hope you can find a moment, perhaps when the shift changes or when you and your colleagues gather for a moment of respite, to take time to pin these medals to celebrate those who work with you behind the scenes.

These medals are small compared to what you do. The work of our hands honors the work of your hands.

If you would like to know who made your medal enter the code stamped on it in the project’s web page: