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Dust & Air (warm) by Erin Cunningham
Dust & Air (warm) by Erin Cunningham
Charcoal Meditation Beads, charcoal, ethyl alcohol (as hand sanitizer) on gray toned paper treated with bleach

From Erin Cunningham:
"As children, and sometimes as adults, we can’t help ourselves but propel dandelion seeds to become parachutes by releasing them from the stem with our breath. They bend and release, first sailing in formation, then becoming more random and wild as the seeds catch the wind. Perhaps this is something we take for granted, being able to exhale and to inadvertently propel these seeds to distant lawns to the annoyance of our neighbors. The seeds could take root and take over in a way that might be similar to a disease in the lungs. Of course, they are nothing like that really, instead they are a visual delight and a minor nuisance to the people that care about lawns. I breathe to center and calm myself and keep myself from getting carried away on a gale of anxiety. I often worry about how it would feel to lose the capacity to fill my lungs entirely with air and to exhale slowly, with control, over the crown of a dandelion stem."

Drawing and Photograph by Erin Cunningham

Erin Cunningham: